Cosplay Participation

Guidelines for Cosplay at YAROU FEST

All participants, including YAROU FEST staff, and circle members can participate in the cosplay event. Please note that due to the masculine theme of YAROU FEST, we ask that participants refrain from female character cosplay, dressing as a woman or as otoko-no-ko.

Advance booking is required for cosplaying at YAROU FEST. We cannot accept any cosplay entries without pre-booking at this time.

Max: 50 people (total, male and female)
500 yen fee for use of changing room and cloak room.
10th May, 2016 (Sunday) 11:59pm JST


For safety reasons, we have set some rules for appropriate cosplay attire at the event.

  • Any costume resembling those worn by police officers, firefighters, the Japanese Defense Force, or security guards, which are not distinguishable from actual uniforms.
  • Fundoshi or any kind of underwear.
    Costumes which expose your body in excess, including baring breasts, hips or even one’s underwear.
    If necessary, please wear body-suits, stockings or leggings to cover your skin.
    While male participants will be allowed to expose their chests, we ask that you remain clothed when not being photographed.
  • Please be aware of the nuisance larger full-body costumes may cause, as they occupy more space.
  • When not photo shooting, please take remove helmets, masks, bandages or eye patches that might interfere your sight range, unless said bandage or eye patch has been medically prescribed.
  • Any costume or accessory that may harm other attendants.
    ( Whenever idle, please cover any extreme costume with soft clothing or fabric. )
  • Stage blood should be used with extreme caution.
    ( Costume materials must be completely dry. Please cover them up while not photo shooting to avoid causing nuisance to others. )


  • Noise-makers or objects that make sounds.
  • Anything that will cause permanent damage to the venue, such as spray paint, stage blood or food.
  • Objects that violate the Swords and Firearms Control Law in Japan.
  • Items resembling guns or swords.
    Fake weapons that do not violate the Swords and Firearms Control Law are acceptable. Toy guns can not be loaded with bullets and/or batteries and must be conatined in a bag at all times when it is not being photographed.
  • Items which measure more than 1 meter in height, depth, or width.
    Please dismantle accessories while not in use.
  • Accessories made of metal and other such hard materials.
    Please remove such accessories when not being photographed.
  • Items that may cause harm or cause unnecessary distractions.
    Please do not ride on carts or other such vehicles, or throw implements such as balls or yo-yos.
    Place all costume accessories in a bag or other safe place while not in use.


  • All cosplayers must use the provided changing room. Do not use bathrooms or other non-designated areas.
  • Do not come into the event or leave the venue in costume. You will be refused entry if approached in costume.
  • Do not use hairspray or spray paint that may cause permanent damage to the changing room or any part of the venue.
  • Please refrain from eating, loitering and photography inside the changing room.
  • Please use the changing room only at designated times. The changing room is usually busiest approaching the end of the event hours. Please plan onusing the changing rooms before 3:30 pm.
  • Use the changing room cleanly. Do not leave your items or garbage. Take all of them with you.
  • While we do provide a cloak room, please keep valuables in your possession at all times. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft. Any items left after in unattended in the venue will be considerd lost items.


  • There is no fee for shooting photography.
  • “Dai Hall” is the only room available for photography.
  • Please avoid blocking traffic in the venue when shooting photos.
  • Please request permission from the cosplayers when taking photos. Please use the walls of the venue as background to avoid inadvertently shooting non-cosplayers without consent.
  • Videography is not permitted.
  • Shooting photography for commercial purposes is forbidden.
  • Only use photo shooting equipment and accessories (e.g. reflector boards, tripods) when it won’t cause nuissance to others. Please stow these items on your person when not in use.
  • Please obtain permission from all cosplayers and people in your photo when uploading imaged to the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, SNS, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.) or for any other materials or purposes.


  • Please refrain from causing disruption, dancing or making flashy performances that may cause nuissance to others.
  • Please do not sit on the floor or loiter in groups unless being photographed as such.
  • The staff reserves the right to request changes in cosplay attire if it appears to cause danger or nuissance. We ask that you honor their requests.
  • If you have question, please contact us HERE. Please do not contact the venue directly.