Circle Participation

Group Participation Requirements

  • You must love “YAROU”!
  • Please adhere to public decency and follow our rules.
  • All members of your group must be 18 years old or older as of the start date of the Yarou Fest. High school students are strictly prohibited from participation, regardless of age.
  • Overseas participants must understand some amount of Japanese or else be accompanied by someone who does as a member of your group. Communications from YAROU FEST will all be in Japanese, and so overseas participants must be affiliated with someone who can receive mail in Japan on their behalf.

Exhibitor Options

Direct Participation

1/3sp 2500yen [credit card: 2600yen] (1 chair, 2 admission tickets)
*With some restrictions. Please read the below: “About 1/3 space (mini space)”.

1 sp 3800yen [credit-card: 4000yen] (1/2 desk, 1 chair, 3 admission tickets)

2 sp 7600yen [credit-card transactions : 8000yen] (1 desk, 1 chair, 6 admission tickets)

Commissioned Participation
Commissioned exhibition is not available for overseas applicants.
Additional chairs
1 chair, 500 yen (prior booking required, 1 additional chair for 1sp. Extra chairs can be provided day-of. Groups booked for 1/3sp are not permitted to exhibit with additional chairs)

About 1/3 space (mini space)
The size of the allocated space is 1/3 of a table (60cm wide, 45cm depth). Please be forewarned that you’ll get relatively small space as 3 groups share one table.
1/3 sp groups are permitted one box measuring up to 30cm width x 30cm height x 50cm depth.
1/3 sp groups are not permitted additional chairs at their booth.

About Coalescing Group Application
Up to two groups can apply for one space as a joint group. However, both groups must apply in the same exhibition genre.
Co-exhibiting groups must send their application form together.

Payment Terms

Participation and exhibitor fees may be paid through PayPal and Yucho-bank transfers.

[Pay Pal]
Please select “Pay Pal” from the payment method at the end of the online application procedure.

[Code] 10100 [Number] 1854161 [Reciever] G-Kikaku-Shitsu (ジーキカクシツ)
*If depositing from another banking institution, please use the following account information:

[Branch number] 018 [Account number] 0185416 (“Fu-tsu” account) [Reciever] G-Kikaku-Shitsu (ジーキカクシツ)
*Bank transaction fees are not included in the application fee.

Application procedure

(1) Prepare application fee.
For those making an online credit card transation through PayPal, please look for instructions at the end of the application.
For those making direct banking transaction with Yucho Bank, please send your payments (with extra fees for the additional chairs for your group space) before filing the application form.
(2) Application

You can apply for the event online.

For online applicants, please proceed to the link below. Fill out the form and send it.

IMPORTANT! Please only use an address IN JAPAN where you or your representative can receive the mail from YAROU FEST.

Online entry from HERE. (Japanese Version Only)

(3) Confirmation
Application fees, application form and “circle cut (group illustration)” are required to complete the application.

Upon receipt of these three pieces, we you will receive a delivery notification e-mail or courier mail with the subject line, “Your Application Confirmed”. Please check all your inboxes and mail that you’ve received this confirmation. The guidelines for the group participants will be sent out at the middle of April.

Entry deadline

Deadline: 15 March 2016, NLT

*Inquiries are on a first-come first-served basis. Please note that applications will be closed once all group spaces are taken.
*To avoid mishaps, we strongly recommend you apply long prior to the deadline when the inquires tend to flood in.


  • Please note that any deficiencies in your application form including both the fee and the group cut will result in annulment of application.
  • In the event an application is inadequate for processing, or there is a deficiency in your application from, your fee less the communication charge will be refunded in full.
  • We cannot accept any cancellation requests after filing of application.
  • Bank processing and transaction fees are the applicant’s responsibility.
  • We will arrange for parcel delivery service for load-in and load-out, on the day of the event.
  • The following items are forbidden for sale:
       Any material deemd an infringement upon copyright or trademark.
       Any material bearing unauthorized use of the “YAROU FEST” logo.
       Any material showing uncensored genitalia.
       The works of other artists without explicit permission of original creators (e.g. used dojinshi).
       Commercial merchandise.
       Food or drink.
       Cosmetic items including soap and perfume.
  • Event staff will check the contents of the all the merchandise at the venue. Organizers reserve the right to prohibit sale of any product deemed unsuitable for the event per the above regulations.
  • Sales activity must to be limited to withint the allocated space for each group.
  • All salable products must have the following information; the name of your group, the reachable address of the issuer such as a homepage and e-mail address, the date of issue. In the case of dojinshi, they must be printed in a colophon.
  • If you do not receive “Guidelines for YAROU FEST participants” at least three weeks prior to the event, please contact us immediately either by e-mail. “Guidelines for YAROU FEST participants” will be in Japanese.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us HERE. Please do not contact the event venue directly under any circumstances.